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About InfiniteChoice
Innovative technology and automation

InfiniteChoice was founded on the belief that the innovative use of technology and automation can unlock greater choice and better experiences for customers and partners.

We deliver on the promise of automation’s potential through the dedication and talent of our platform team headquartered in Santa Monica, California and located throughout the world. 

A company dedicated to doing what hasn’t been done before, we are always pushing forward to what’s next, what’s smarter, and what’s more efficient – delivering innovation and progress each day to our partners, employees, and customers.

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Our values
Know us by our values

Strategic automation and intelligent systems can unleash hidden potential and impact for our partners, employees, and customers. That’s why each day we work to bring to fruition our values of:

  • Unlocking connections that deliver value

  • Going beyond the horizon of what’s considered possible

  • Staying passionate and curious 

  • Leveraging complexity to achieve simplicity

  • Proving that the best experiences begin with us

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